GET TO KNOW OUR WELLNESS PARTNER, BODYHEAT HOT PILATES & YOGA – Zen Spa clients receive exclusive discounts and access to events

BodyHeat logoWhen we first met Dyana, owner of  BodyHeat Hot Pilates & Yoga,we knew we had found a true partner.  Like us, she and her staff believe that wellness is possible for everyone.

Just as massage can benefit everyone from the moderately active to the athletic superstar, the physical, mental and spiritual effects of practicing yoga and Pilates can positively affect any individual and potentially be life-changing.

That is why we are thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership, a relationship that will bring the best of what both Zen Spa and BodyHeat can offer.

“By working withBodyHeat as a wellness partner in the Roseville area, we can now offer our clients the best of what we both have to offer.” – Shawn Monsen, owner of Zen Spa


Effective immediately, Zen Spa clients will receive a free week of a trial membership at BodyHeat, a discounted rate of $69 for monthly pre-paid memberships and 15% off all retail purchases.

We look forward to welcoming BodyHeat’s members to the spa and sharing what our clients already love…resort-quality spa services at affordable prices without a contract.

THE INS AND OUTS OF ACHES AND PAINS When to ask for Deep Tissue Massage

If you are complaining of the common stiff neck or lower back pain, it may be time to switch from a relaxing Swedish massage to a more therapeutic modality.

When muscle pain becomes chronic and unrelenting, our clients look to the techniques of Deep Tissue to release tension and ease discomfort.

Through slow, deliberate strokes of varying degrees of pressure focused on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, painfully contracted muscles, tendons and fascia are relaxed and realigned.


What is fascia?  Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds and supports all components of the body. Muscular and skeletal fascia can become inflamed and irritated from injury and exercise, exerting pressure and causing pain.

Every client’s needs and tolerance are different.  Your massage therapist is always ready to listen to your feedback and adjust the pressure and technique as necessary to make your appointment as beneficial and comfortable as possible.

SAVE THE DATE – Wednesday, September 2

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 — 5:30 to 7:30pmchair massage

Join us at BodyHeat Hot Pilates & Yoga for their quarterly Detox/Retox, a FREE, fun and informative event that focuses on fitness, wellness and all things good for you.

Join the experienced massage therapists and estheticians from Zen Spa for chair massage, Q & A, skincare tips and more.

See you there!

MEET YOUR MASSAGE THERAPIST – Friendly face is a sight for sore muscles

KrystalKrystal has been with Zen for two years now, and has become one of our most popular massage therapists. She has been a nationally certified massage therapist for four years and graduated with honors from Bryan College’s Advanced Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Program.


Krystal feels that she has truly been blessed with a gift to help heal others. Not only does she use a wide range of massage techniques, but she also uses her natural intuitive gifts to provide each client with a personalized massage experience.

SUMMER SKINCARE 101 – Defend yourself from Mother Nature’s double-edged sword.

summerSometimes nothing feels better than the warmth of the summer sun.  Getting outside is good for us, right?  Being active, fresh air, vitamin D…all that stuff.

But time spent outdoors also puts us at risk of sun exposure.  Yes, small doses of sunshine invigorate us and replenish our daily vitamin D requirement.  But prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays may initiate premature aging, sunburn and skin cancers.

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, but some of us spend no more than a minute or so browsing the aisle and picking up the first product on special.  Worse yet, most don’t reapply as necessary or apply enough in the first place.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when choosing and applying sunscreen:

  • Experts recommend daily usage.  A morning run, walking from your office to lunch, or sun through the car windows is enough to cause damage, especially when compounded daily.
  • To be truly effective, a sunscreen must be labeled ‘broad-spectrum’, a term regulated by the FDA meaning it protects against both UVA (rays largely responsible for premature aging) and UVB (those causing sunburn).  To only prevent sunburn by blocking only UVB is letting UVA rays wreak havoc on your skin.
  • The FDA has recently banned misleading terms such as waterproof, sweatproof and sunblock.
  • SPFs of 15 to 50+ (anything higher than 50 is labeled as 50+) are the only levels approved by the FDA to prevent sun damage.

A skincare regimen including a hydrating moisturizer, plenty of water, effective sunscreen and regular facials can work wonders to stave off the negative effects of sun exposure.  Make an appointment with one of our experienced estheticians to determine which facial treatment is most appropriate.

PRENATAL MASSAGE – Expecting moms find comfort and quiet at Zen Spa.

Preg - 5680236Fun fact: More babies are born during the summer than during any other time of year. That means that you might know of someone who is expecting – it might even be you! – and, as the end of the pregnancy nears, possibly experiencing some discomfort right about now.

During the last two trimesters, when most of baby’s growth occurs causing increased pressure on major blood vessels, mom may be begin to suffer from excess swelling. The subsequent decrease in circulation, sciatic pain, and fatigue are just some of the symptoms moms-to-be can experience throughout pregnancy.

Recent studies have shown that prenatal massage performed by a certified therapist can have the same benefits of significantly alter hormone and anxiety levels while reducing swelling and nerve pain.

The therapists at Zen Spa will address the uncomfortable symptoms typically associated with pregnancy. Make an appointment from now until July 15 and receive $10 off!

According to the American Pregnancy Association, “Swedish Massage is the recommended prenatal massage method during pregnancy because it addresses many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts during pregnancy.”

Zen Spa is equipped with specially-designed massage tables to accommodate mom’s growing belly while allowing her the rare opportunity to relax and be pampered.

MEET YOUR MASSAGE THERAPIST – Ashley is already a client favorite!

About six months ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Ashley.  As a massage therapist with over five years experience and a graduate from the High Tech Institute, we knew she would immediately become a client favorite at Zen Spa.  Little did we know how quickly she would develop into one of our most requested therapists.
Specializing in deep tissue techniques and injury rehabilitation, Ashley is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your fitness goals.
When asked about her time at Zen Spa, Ashley replied, “I love what I do because I believe that massage has the power to heal and I know it can benefit anyone, regardless of their age or condition.”
Call today for an appointment with Ashley!

NO BRIDEZILLAS HERE – Bridal parties welcome at Zen Spa

bridalThe plans are shaping up…the venue is booked and the invitations have been sent.

Before your Big Day arrives, take some time to relax with your girlfriends…the ones who have helped you plan, who will stand by your side as you say “I do” and make sure you look gorgeous.

Make us a part of your bachelorette party plans or simply bring in your bridal party for a relaxing afternoon of pampering.

Our Spa Combo – 50-minute Swedish massage and Classic Facial – is always $89 and we have an oversized spa room to enjoy your appointments together.  Private parties are available with advanced notice and, for an additional cost, we can even arrange for hors d’oeuvre and beverages.

Give us a call!

TIME TO GET OUTSIDE! – Get active, get fit…get a massage.

Just take a peek out the window.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  The perfectcycling weather to get outside and get active.  Go for a hike, run or swim, jump in your kayak, maybe hop on your bike. Perhaps its been a few months since you’ve enjoyed any of those activities.  If it has, your body will probably let you know.  It might even yell at you.
If that happens, get a little relief with these self-care techniques:
For a tight, sore back spend a minute or so in Child’s Pose to release tension in your neck and back muscles: trapezius, lattisimus dorsi, rhomboid, erector spinae, among others.
For mild knee pain, a great place to start is using self-myofascial release, or foam rolling, on your IT bands to loosen the ligaments that run the length of your legs.
If your shins are sore, straighten your legs to 90 degrees and alternate between flexing your feet and pointing your toes.


Sports massage is available for recreational and endurance athletes alike.  Make an appointment from May 15 to June 15 and receive $10 off!

As part of your regular exercise routine, a monthly or bi-weekly sports massage that utilizes specific strokes and stretches will help you maintain maximum conditioning while reducing pain and your chance of injury.

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Each year, viewers of KCRA3 cast their online votes to pick our area’s best of the best – Best Pizza, Best Car Wash, KCRA A-ListBest Massage, to name just a few. We think that sums up what we do at Zen Spa pretty nicely, but we need your help to get us into the top 10.

It’s easy to vote.  Just go to the KCRA3 A-List site, register if you haven’t before, and cast your vote for Zen Spa.  There’s even a little space to sing the praises of your favorite therapist.  Voting closes May 3rd, so don’t delay!