THE INS AND OUTS OF ACHES AND PAINS When to ask for Deep Tissue Massage

If you are complaining of the common stiff neck or lower back pain, it may be time to switch from a relaxing Swedish massage to a more therapeutic modality.

When muscle pain becomes chronic and unrelenting, our clients look to the techniques of Deep Tissue to release tension and ease discomfort.

Through slow, deliberate strokes of varying degrees of pressure focused on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, painfully contracted muscles, tendons and fascia are relaxed and realigned.


What is fascia?  Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds and supports all components of the body. Muscular and skeletal fascia can become inflamed and irritated from injury and exercise, exerting pressure and causing pain.

Every client’s needs and tolerance are different.  Your massage therapist is always ready to listen to your feedback and adjust the pressure and technique as necessary to make your appointment as beneficial and comfortable as possible.